North Dakota
Bellydance Workshops! 

Hosted by the Lovely Dozen

Join us for our latest series of events in Grand Forks North Dakota!

The FIRST EVER Daughters Of Atlas
Bellydance Festival

May 20th-22nd 2016

Registration NOW OPEN!

The Daughters of Atlas Bellydance Festival will include 3 instructors this year: Nadia Jamal, Mahin, and Hiba!

This event is hosted by the Lovely Dozen - a Middle Eastern Dance troupe based in Grand Forks, ND. It started as a stage show in 2012 and has grown every year featuring instructors such as Lauren Bolt, of Bellydance Evolution, and Ranya Renee, the Shimmy Queen of New York. This year, we're expanding to create a true festival atmosphere by bringing in multiple instructors and renting out the historic Empire Arts Center in downtown Grand Forks.


If you've got wares you want to share at this or any of our events, we'd love to have you!  Vending requests can also be sent to [email protected]. Vendors who have worked with us thus far and who you will likely see at future events are World Tree Dance of Pine River Minnesota, Beading Bliss (aka Jennifer Norton), Astral Rose Grove! We are a small community of Bellydancers up here, but that means when we have vendors available, we BUY! 

Interested in Vending with us? Send us an email HERE - as we get more vendors aboard, your info could be posted here too!

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